You’re not showing your expertise

An embarrassing problem, and the solution:

A successful lawyer, you’re being Googled. By colleagues, by clients, and by potential clients. That’s great, except… when was the last time you improved your website?

When others Google you, they want to see your unique expertise. Your website needs to show it. If your website doesn’t, then frankly… it’s a little embarrassing.

White papers are a proven way of showing expertise. For the last ten years, they’ve been the tool-of-choice for professionals wanting to show expertise online. Unlike fads that come and go, white papers have a proven return on investment.

Publishing a white paper will show your unique expertise. When colleagues Google you, they’ll see you as an expert who is publishing. When clients Google you, they’ll be assured they have the right lawyer. When potential clients Google you, they’ll see someone they want to work with.

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