Sabrehilt gloves

Lightning reflexes and flashing blades

The finest competitive edge

I help you show your legal expertise, so you stand out from the pack.

My preferred weapons are white papers and print articles. Both have enjoyed a long and successful history of working for professionals wanting to stand out as leaders.

This is because they work. White papers present a solution, without any sales pitch. Leaders trust them to help make decisions. Similarly, print publication articles have long been used by professionals as a trusted way of demonstrating their expertise.

By writing you a white paper or article, I help you demonstrate your unique expertise. I help you develop a reputation as a leader with strong differentiation. And that helps you achieve whatever goals you set—more clients, more growth for your firm, or simply to make a name for yourself.

…and a dashing navy coat

Patrick VuletaMy name is Patrick Vuleta. I’m the principal of Silvered Copy, based in Brisbane, Australia.

I was a lawyer from 2008—2011 in the areas of environment and defamation law. I’ve been a print-published freelance writer since 2005. I have degrees in law, with honours, and science.

In early 2011 I completed the Queensland Law Society’s practice management course.

However, on the test day, I heard someone say “differentiating a law firm is hard”. The problem with this statement is that businesses in every industry think they’re hard to differentiate—hence the severe glut of ‘me too’ content on the internet. But in every profession, a select number of firms stand out as leaders.

This sounded like an opportunity to use my writing and business talents, so rather than start a law firm, I decided to use my writing experience and take up the challenge.

Who I work with

I work with lawyers, but not just any lawyers. I work with those unafraid to differentiate their firm, to innovate, and to stand out from the pack. My writing involves finding out what makes your expertise unique, and showing it clear.

This is indeed a niche market—many firms languish in lockstep with each other. Those are not the clients I want to work with. But that’s fine—I run a boutique business and can only serve a handful of clients at once.

My best clients want to be leaders, clearly distinguished from the crowd of followers. If that sounds like you, why not stay and look around?

Patrick Vuleta
Silvered Copy