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Commercial writing portfolio

The entire armoury

This is a sample of commercial writing work I have done within the last three years. All copyright belongs to the employers. All work is available publicly online or in print, and no confidential work is displayed.

Not all my work is displayed here. Due to the non-disclosure agreements I have with clients who employ me as a ghostwriter, many pieces cannot be shown (unless I want to annoy half my clients). However, this portfolio should give you a sample of the breadth of my work.

White papers

I created Duellist Copywriting—an innovative mix of marketing, copywriting, and memory science. This white paper report was written as a marketing tool to differentiate myself against competitors, with the layout designed by myself in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Duellist Copywriting: The science of disarming competitors by wielding memorable legal marketing.

Online content

I’m contracted to write a fortnightly series of articles for internet service provider Internode on the legal issues of video games, for their content marketing website games.on.net. The articles are written to a non-lawyer, gamer audience, and so are positioned towards entertainment, rather than the dry legal reporting of other games websites:

How Do We Combat Piracy? Results: 123 comments left by readers.

Are Australian Gamers Being Robbed by a Cartel? Results: 58 comments left by readers, 73 Facebook likes, 1 Google+ endorsement.

How Cloud Gaming Turned Piracy Into Espionage Results: 238 comments left by readers, 1 Facebook like.

Sign Your Rights Away: The Trouble With Origin Results: 42 comments left by readers, 35 Facebook likes, 3 Google+ endorsements.

Sign Your Rights Away: The Draconian World of EULA and DRM Results: 64 comments left by readers, 12 Facebook likes.

Internode’s Editor-in-Chief, Tim Colwill, had this to say:

“When I approached Patrick to write for games.on.net, I was concerned that articles heavy with legal jargon or dense professional terminology might be off-putting or difficult for our audience to read. I explained my concerns to Patrick, and he demonstrated to me that he was more than capable of simplifying complex legal issues for an entertainment perspective.

Based on his drafts I was more than happy to commission work on a regular basis, and Patrick now enjoys a column on the site every second Thursday in which he discusses legal issues in the gaming arena. His articles are always popular and provoke spirited discussion in our readership, which is everything an editor could ask for.

I would wholeheartedly recommend him for any problematic legal copywriting work in need of a good skewering.”

Guest blogging

I landed a guest post on the popular business blog Men with Pens—a blog with over 40,000 regular readers.

James, who owns the blog, is a stickler for quality, and has complained (twice) that the majority of guest post submissions she receives from professional writers are beyond terrible. In her words:

“But for the most part, guest posts these days are just flat-out bad. They’re poorly researched. The assumptions and claims are frequently downright wrong – even dangerous to the point that following the advice would probably cause some fast business failure.”

So I was pleased at making the cut!

How Achieving Your Goals Kills Your Motivation.

Print editorials

For a year I was the Queensland editor of the trade publication National Environmental Law Review. I contributed quarterly updates on new developments in environmental law. Here are PDFs of two contributions.

National Environmental Law Review, 2011, 01.

National Environmental Law Review, 2010, 02 & 03.

Website copywriting

To display my services I constructed the Silvered Copy website, using a custom design provided by Men with Pens. Men with Pens provided the graphic design, and I implemented all typography, layout, content, and branding, from concept to final publication.

The content and branding were chosen to ensure memorable differentiation from my competitors. Typographical details were used to ensure the website looks highly professional.

Silvered Copy

On seeing my first efforts, copywriter and website sales conversion rate expert, D Bnonn Tennant, Information Highwayman said:

[Silvered Copy] is Information Highwayman approved. And I can count the number of websites that are Information Highwayman approved on one hand.

So I would like to congratulate Patrick, and if you happen to want some copy written and you are a lawyer, I would suggest you look him up.

Email newsletters

During employment as a solicitor with the Environmental Defender’s Office of Northern Queensland I was responsible for writing the newsletter for two and a half years. Here are a few editions:

February 2011

January 2011

June 2010

March 2010