Frequently asked questions

All the due process

If you’re interested in my services, you have questions. Here are answers to four of the most important. If you can’t find the answer to your particular question, or want a more personal answer, by all means drop me a line.

Whose name will go on the finished document?

Yours will. I’m a ghostwriter—the name of the client goes on the finished piece.

Ghostwriters are hired across many industries. For example, prominent politicians and businesspeople hire speechwriters. Likewise, judges’ associates write draft decisions for the judge to finish.

These people use ghostwriters to solve the simple problem you know too well—a lack of time to sit down and write. Yet because you retain full editorial rights and can veto content at any time, you have full ownership of the final result.

How will I write on your specialty area?

You have three options for ensuring accuracy of the final result. First, you may provide bullet points to be turned into the final publication.

Second, you may direct one of your employees to provide research material.

Third, you may ask that I undertake all the required research myself. As a trained lawyer with both law and science qualifications I have the ability to write across a range of disciplines.

Of course, no publication is final until you’ve checked it yourself and are happy with the result.

How do we find out what makes your law firm different from the crowd?

I ask a lot of questions, basically. I get to know your firm and what your unique expertise is about. Then I compare this to your closest competitors, the ones that other people will actually be comparing you to.

The final white papers and articles are aimed at portraying you as more authoritative than your competitors. This was the focus of my ‘Duellist Copywriting’ research, which you can find on my research page. That white paper describes the process I go through when writing.

What’s the final format of the publications?

White papers are usually provided in PDF, while articles for submission to print are provided in Microsoft Word. I am also skilled with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and HTML website coding. This means that if needed I can create the final publication in any format you want.